About us
About us

Dongguan Aixin Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of a full range of audio fiber products, including audio optical sockets, SPDIF, fiber heads, fiber terminals, fiber sockets, optical fiber connectors, optical fiber heads, optical fiber adapters, optical fiber cables, optical apertures, optical selectors, audio optical fiber connectors, audio optical fiber cables, Toslink optical fiber cables, industrial control optical fibers, and side lighting optical fiber, which are all lead-free products having passed the ROHS certification. The main products are:

1. Audio optical sockets (realizing the inter-conversion between audio and optical signals, mainly used for LCD TVs, set-top boxes, players, hi-fi, DVD, optical fiber connectors, etc.). The main products include a full range of AX fiber sockets (DLT (R) 1111, DLT (R) 1120, DLT (R) 1130, DLT (R) 1150, DLT (R) 1150, DLT (R) 1160, DLT (R) 1170, DLT (R) 1180, DLT (R) 11R2 -D2 etc.;

2. Toslink optical cables (realizing the interconnection between audio optical sockets, and achieving the optical transmission between signals transmitted to the device and the audio receiving device). The main products include cables linking Toslink optical fiber heads, cables linking Toslink fiber heads and 3.5Mini headphone jacks, and cables linking the 3.5Mini heads.

3. Plastic optical fibers and the applications, providing PMMA plastic optical fiber cables of communication levels, Toray fiber core is adopted, and laid for OD2.2, OD4.0, OD5.0, OD6.0, OD7.0 screening, with attenuation less than 200db/KM.

Relying on extensive experience in technology and management, the company has established a modern management mode of operation, to improve productivity, while ensuring product quality. The company has established a good corporate image, and enjoys a good reputation. Aixin is committed to technological advances and equipment upgrades, and constantly improves the technical and economic indicators of products. They have been giving top priority to the reliability of products, enjoying a good reputation in terms of overall solutions. The company has a number of product lines which can all provide customers with complete technical support and integrated solutions, allowing customers to receive the most satisfactory answers products in the shortest possible time and creating higher added values. The product quality management has passed the certifications of ISO9001/2002/14000/QS9000. While developing the international market, the company keeps improving itself, and strives to turn it into one of the major suppliers of photovoltaic conversion modules and infrared transmission modules.

Quality: provide customers with products that continuously exceed the quality levels through technical innovation and the enhancement of internal management.

Specialization: our specialized staff are dedicated to producing the most specialized products in the industry in a professional manner!

Honesty: the basis of all cooperation and the efficiency that represents success!


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